Canopy Cool Portable Mister

May. 06, 2004 By Rage Performance

We at Rage Performance, a motocross shop here in California, found it tough to cool off after practice or racing in long motos during the hot months. With keeping a budget in mind we have designed an excellent enhancement for everyone who brings pop-up canopies out to escape the heat. Canopy Cool, this 12 volt overhead water mister system comes complete with a Jabsco brand pump, connector hoses, 5 gallon bucket, 16' power cord, 6 head mister system and 5 gallon collapsible water carrier. Fill your water carrier with 5 Gallons of water and you will have contionous cooling for 1 ? to 2 hours. This system simply plugs into your vehicles cigarette lighter and only uses about ? a volt over a 6-hour period. We are also producing a stand-alone system that includes a rechargeable deep cycle battery and charger so you can be completely remote from a vehicle. This battery kit will run hours if not days before recharging is necessary.

Canopy Cool®
By Rage Performance
14127 Lambert Road
Whittier, CA 90605

The Cigarette lighter style kit retails for $159.95
The stand-alone battery kit retails for $219.95 Newsletter
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