News - October 16, 2002 - Ridge Back Pivot Pegs

Feb. 01, 2006 By ORC STAFF
October 16, 2002 - Ridge Back Pivot Pegs

Every now and them you come across a product that makes you sit up and say, why didn't someone think of this earlier. Well, I would like to introduce you to a product that takes off-road riding to a new level. A new level of performance, comfort, balance, and endurance.

     RidgeBack Pivot Pegz™ are performance foot pegs that incorporate a unique, spring loaded pivoting action that allows the foot peg to pivot forward and backward and move with the natural motion of the rider's feet. In doing so Pivot Pegz provide substantial benefits and a real competitive advantage to riders of all ages that ride or race any form of off road motorcycle.
    RidgeBack Pivot Pegz™ promote faster and smoother body positioning while providing constant, maximum foot peg grip and load distribution through the entire body motion range and also allows the bike to smoothly float underneath you when crossing rough ground.
    Not only do they allow the bike to move underfoot without compromising the amount of Boot that meets the peg over stutters, whoops and any other obstacles you wish to traverse, you also get a very pleasant surprise when you start on the tight and windy stuff. You and your bike feel much more in synch as the pegs rock forward on one side and back on the other.
    RidgeBack Pivot Pegz™ are made from Laser Cut 304 Stainless steel with a finish that is a real head turner. Precision CNC machined billet parts, (PTFE) Teflon coated bushes, duel O-ring seals & saltwater proof grease are all contribute to make these one of the finest performance parts a rider can buy.
    I would appreciate you considering the RidgeBack Pivot Pegz™ for testing under your own conditions. Only in this way will you experience the full effect that these pegs can benefit your riding.
    If you would like more information or have any questions please visit or call me at 1-866-725-2599

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