1994 Suzuki RMX 250

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

The '94 Suzuki RMX 250 came delivered just about the same as the '93 RMX 250: The engine was stifled!

Power: No doubt about it, the RMX was a total loser in the power department until the owner uncorked the engine. Replacing the stock pipe and muffler gave the RMX engine a whole new attitude! The bikes low-end power was reasonably strong. The engine powered smoothly into a very strong mid-range powerband that produced a very mild, yet controllable hit. The RMX wasn't known to have a lot of top end ponies. The machine's engine was definitely set up for close woods and enduro riding.

Suspension: The Suzook's suspension was very enduro oriented. The forks and rear shock delivered a very plush ride. There were many RMX owners that opted to install heavier fork springs. The RMX didn't like high speed nasty bumps that well in stock form. The optional stiffer suspension springs helped, but this addition didn't put the bike into the high speed desert rig category.

Handling: The RMX turned extremely well! It wasn't a particularly stable feeling bike at high speed. Due to the engines mild and controllable power, the Suzuki was an easy to handle bike in tight terrain.

Reliability: RMX's have been known to take tons of abuse, and keep running.

Odds & Ends: Overall, the Suzuki RMX made an outstanding enduro and super fast trail bike! The rider compartment was rather cramped for tall riders. Used RMX's are usually very sought after machines. When set up for an individual riders tastes and needs, they perform well and provide long lasting service.

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